Discover the unbreakable bond between Willie and Bobbie in their upcoming memoir, ME AND SISTER BOBBIE, on sale 9/15.

Hey McConnell/Schumer/Pelosi/McCarthy.  Live music is part of the fabric of America.  But the whole industry is hurting and needs your help, which is why Congress should include RESTART and Save Our Stages in any COVID relief bill.  Go to and share your voice.


Me and Sister Bobbie: True Tales of the Family Band

Willie Nelson and Bobbie Nelson, with David Ritz.

Random House, $28 (288p) ISBN 978-1-9848-5413-1



Country music legend Willie Nelson and his sister Bobbie invite fans into their lives in this humorous, nostalgic dual memoir. While Willie has told much of his story before (It’s a Long Story: My Life), this is the first time Bobbie has shared her experiences of growing up with Willie. Telling their story in alternating chronological anecdotes, they begin with their childhood in 1930s Abbott, Tex., where they were raised by their grandparents after their parents left them. Willie writes that Mama and Daddy Nelson gave Bobbie and him two gifts that saved their lives: love and music. The siblings performed in their Methodist church (Bobbie played the Hammond organ, with Willie on guitar) as well as at tent meetings. The two worked on farms alongside Black and Latino workers; when they invited their fellow field workers to a church performance, they weren’t welcomed (Bobbie says that “the incident did get me to thinking about challenging conventional church dogma”). Bobbie recalls Willie’s trouble with the IRS for not paying taxes: “Willie was blindsided by the whole thing. He was told he had to declare bankruptcy. But Brother wouldn’t do that because he wasn’t about to burn anyone he owed money to.” Nelson’s many fans will enjoy these cheerful and loving stories. (Sept.)

Joe Biden Fundraiser

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Texas Fundraiser for Joe Biden today, Monday the 29th with Willie Nelson, Robert Earl Keen, Cecile Richards, Beto ORourke, & Julian Castro!

4th Of July Picnic 2020

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We’re bringing the 4th of July Picnic back this year…in a new way. We can’t be together in person but we can still be together apart. This Picnic will be presented virtually. We’ll be bringing it straight to you, with some of our favorite returning acts and a few new ones, too. Join us from home on the 4th on and for a new Picnic experience. Tickets go on sale on June 29. Hope to see ya there.

Willie is just beside himself

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Willie is just beside himself over the new issue of Rolling Stone magazine.




Mr. Mister

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Our bodyguard, Mr. Mister,  had a run in with the local police in Cincinnati, Ohio before the concert. Luckily no formal charges were filed and after a brief period of questioning he was free to continue on with the rest of the tour. Hey man, he was just doing his job!

Mr_and_Dad MrMisterBbbie

God Bless our American Veterans

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Dad recently did a PSA for the homeless veterans in America. Production crews set up cameras on the bus before the concert, and the Redheaded Stranger asked that everyone open their hearts to our many homeless vets. A highly decorated Viet Nam veteran, who was also a fan, had given Dad this well worn, heavy medal hat to wear in honor of all those who have served our country with honor and pride. God Bless our American veterans and please support them when you can. They have already supported you.

Veterans PSA

Letters to Willie

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Well I have no idea if the is the right place to be sending this, as it was an e-mail address passed on by a stranger on FB.
But to make a long story short, a few months ago I commissioned a portrait for gentleman who’s dream it was to have a picture taken with Willie. Suffice to say, he never got the chance and asked me to draw one for him. He had been told for years that he looked like his idol Willie, and he wanted to show everyone they were all crazy! ( I personally thought he looked like Willie too! lol ). 24 hours after a family member of his picked up his portrait, Basil unfortunately passed away :(. Now I don’t personally know Basil well, but from in the short time I got to know him all he could talk about was Willie. So I’m hoping to do him one last honor of knowing Willie got to see this picture, and where ever Basil is now I know he would smiling from ear to ear!

If there is any way you can pass a copy of this picture Willie in anyway, I know you would make one life long Willie fan and his family a great honor.

Here is a link to Basil’s FB page. People still send him Willie updates lol

Thank you Kindly

Denise CollinsBasil and Willie

Kansas City, Missouri

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The Starlight Theater in Kansas City was packed with love tonight.  Jason Isbell opened up the hearts of everyone with his beautiful voice, then Alison Krause and Union Station stepped up to the stage and melted even the toughest among us. She sings like a sweet, soft, fragile winged angel.

Speaking of little angels, Tatum Lee and her family drove up from Joplin, Missouri to see the show. The volunteers at the Make a Wish Foundation arranged for Tatum to meet her favorite singer, Willie Nelson, who also signed her guitar backstage after the concert. Tatum must endure painful operations every four months to extend the rods in her back, and music seems to help.  The next operation won’t be too long from now. But this time when she’s recovering and playing her guitar she can look down, see Willie’s signature and remember how many people were involved and what all it took to get it. She can be absolutely sure she is loved by the very best.
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