Willie Nelson to perform at the 4th & Goal Gala

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Ben Willie Darrell
Together Again
The 4th & Goal Gala 

DKR Fund Board of Advisor member Willie Nelson will perform at the 4th & Goal Gala, Wednesday, March 27, 2013, ACL – Moody Theater.

Ben Willie Darrell will be the signature fundraising event for the AD research fund. The iconic fundraising golf and music event has, over the years, brought together Coach Darrell Royal, Willie Nelson and Ben Crenshaw to raise funds for many worthy charitable efforts. For the March 2013 event, Willie Nelson will perform for his good friend to a sell-out crowd at ACL.

Texas has 340,000 individuals with Alzheimer’s disease, the 3 rd largest diagnosed population in the US. By 2020, Texas will have the 2 nd largest and fastest growing Alzheimer’s disease population in the nation. This fund, in Coach Royal’s honor, will provide the national recognition and profile to a disease, which is the most dreaded and feared by the demographic over 55. With no cure in sight and no drugs available to alter the course of this disease, it is time to pick up the pace and get ahead of Alzheimer’s disease. Coach Royal’s courage and tenacity will give a voice and face to a disease that has too long been hidden behind closed doors.

“We are seizing the opportunity to build an incredible legacy of lasting significance in honor of a man whose contributions to the lives of so many cannot even be measured. With your help, this research fund will take the lead and help us win the toughest race in Texas,” said Laurée Moffett who along with husband Jim Bob Moffett serves as a member of the DKR Fund Board of Advisors.

This fund will support cutting edge Alzheimer’s research and supplement the almost $18 million the State of Texas has invested to date in Alzheimer’s research. The fund will promote collaboration between and amongst our Texas scientists and the finest geneticists, neuroscientists, physicians, biostatisticians worldwide.

About Ben Willie Darrell Together Again – The 4th & Goal GalaB W D – 4th & Goal Gala proceeds will provide grant funding to medical schools and research organizations in Texasand their global partners in pursuit of treatment and a cure for Alzheimer’s disease. Additional information andsponsorship opportunities will be announced.

The Darrell K Royal Research Fund for Alzheimer’s Disease is a designated/fiscal sponsorship fund of the DallasFoundation, a 501c3 public charity.

Click here for more information about the Darrel K Royal Reseraach Fund for Alzheimer’s Disease.

Fan Club “pre-sale” tickets & public tickets are on sale now here: http://bit.ly/YPl3Y3



7 responses to Willie Nelson to perform at the 4th & Goal Gala

  1. I have always Loved your music…now I have an even greater appreciation for you ,the Family and all the tireless thing ya’ll support.
    I had what I know now was the best of times and the worst,……..as over the last 15 years taken care of my Mom and my Aunt (mom,s sister) both with Alzhemiers.
    As I sit here now and think I was daughter,niece, caregiver and in the end their mom,sister,or whatever female that their few precious memories would let them remember that day,or minute.
    Willie THANK YOU THANK YOU for what ya,ll are doing.This is an awful,awful disease.God bless their souls ….before they leave this old earth most are just a shell.Some are like babies…..But all deserve to have someone to take care of them and love them as they have loved us.THANK YOU ALL FOR TRYING TO STOP THIS AWFUL MEMORY ROBBING DIESEASE.

  2. Willie, I am your fan and i love you.

    • Shirley Shipman December 3, 2015 at 2:26 PM

      Willie, I am your Fan. You have done so much for our Farmers, For our Country.
      Helping the Drug that helps so many people. Clean Air Fuel.
      I think in some ways helping Seniors in Nursing Homes. You are are one Great Man That I think a lot of.
      Your Fan Always Shirley

  3. willie nelson, the legend, the man, the insiration..still…wow…humbly I would l like to ask a favor. no its not for tickets or nothing I believe a hard working man deserves to be paid for just that, his work. I’d like to ask you to look at a song I wrote for you many years ago. If the words touch you as I believe they may, I would love for you to hear it and if ya like it, only a man with your master talent I’d like you to use it. (I’m going to use my Ace card here now, if ya can call it that. I am a stage 4 cancer paient of not one but two cancers. Lymphoma and Lukemia. and my birthday like yours is coming up in april.) the song is my life story, short, sweet, painful and true. writen 32 years ago, who knew? ha!I’ve beeb a songwritter since The 70’s had a good startout (my first 45″ in 1980) got tumors then and fell short of following the dream. now that time is short I put it back on the bucket list. thats why i write to you today. you can read it on a site called thestarliecafe.com under my poet name Laurie Barbour or hear it on my facebook pg if you look far enough into it. a tease from it called “empty Chair” copywrote 1982 i think ~~” an it’s that empty chair next to me, in a place I know I shouldn’t be, that lonely chair beside me, that reminds me of you!” thanks for pasifying a dieing wish you could say from a once beautiful lady that chemo has aged the body but not destroyed the heart. hope this somehow finds you…sincerely Laurie Barbour

  4. Thank u for supporting this cause! My mom had this awful disease! Thanks and may god bless you!

  5. you are a wonderful person, I love you for everything you are doing. It means a whole lot to my family and I! we love you!

  6. Willie
    I have already sent my story in another reply about Alzheimer’s and my husband and how he loved you . we traveled all over to see you ,now he is in assisted living with this terrible disease, you are performing in the villages fl on March 8th where I now live and will be 10 miles away from this home of about 30 residents ,would sure be a wonderful thing if I could get willie to stop and sing a couple tunes if he recognizes anyone at this stage it would be Willie I am in club luck and will be on front row for show first time without my Tom. We were at many 4th of July picnics opening of bio diesel and store been to gatherings at ranch and played golf at perdanales with willie great day.let me know if this is possible at all.Thanks to you and your family for all your do for mankind.
    Love and prayers

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