It’s A Small World

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While stationed in Viet Nam, Tony says out of the blue one day he ran into his old buddy, Spence Gilmer, who had graduated a couple of years ahead of him. Holton had a student body of only 100 kids, so the odds were stacked against seeing someone you knew from high school, in the Marines, thousands of miles away from Indiana. But there he was, and here he is years later with Tony and Willie on the bus.


Spence Gilmer, Willie and Tony


Here are the Gilmer girls, Audie and daughter Shannon. who later wrote in and said, “Honestly one of the best nights of my life with my Dad. Thank you for being a part of it.”

Speaking of Holton, Indiana, on March 2nd a series of tornadoes ripped through town leaving miles of destruction and devastation. R

image image

Rebuilding has been slow but steady. On Saturday a fundraising benefit was held to raise money for the city services that have been strapped for cash since the tornado. Tony made sure his home town had a signed guitar from Willie to have for their silent auction, and today we heard they raised $2,300.00 for the guitar.

The winning bid went to Calvin Ballmer. Congratulations!




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  1. Jerry Pardieck April 28, 2013 at 7:03 AM

    I have been a fan of Willie for over 30 years. I’ve had the opportunity to meet Willie on several occasions, even got to be on the bus a couple of times, and it always felt like I knew him personally. He does that, he treats you like he has known you for years.
    Willie always takes the time to talk to you, sign an autograph, and gives you his full attention for seconds that seem like an hour. He is one of the kindest people I know, he stays around until the last person that wants to meet him gets to.
    Willie has done many great things during his 80 years here on Earth.
    He has given many people pleasure and comfort through his music.
    I’ve heard he has supported many people financially.
    He has influenced people to save the Planet. He loves animals, especially horses. The list goes on and on.
    I feel I have been blessed to have met him, and hope I get to see and meet him again soon! I am pushing 70 years old, love the guitar, love
    Country music, and I love you Willie! HAPPY 80th BIRTHDAY!
    Jerry Pardieck
    St. Louis, MO

    • Hi Willie!
      I have enjoyed your music since I was a kid. My brother would have you blaring thru the house as soon as our parents were out the door. Your versatility is amazing, and your story is an inspiration for songwriters….. Therefore, I am following the advice of some friends, who recommended submitting my songs to actual musicians, and sending a song/lyrics to you. I hear and see music, but like some people have 2 left feet, I have 2 left hands. I have always wanted to have a band and call it Befuddled Minds, but I never had the courage… My friends recommended you first because of our agreement on the right to enjoy the herb of choice.

      Gotta ration the stuff
      Smoke it puff by puff
      They call it Hydro
      And it costs too much

      (Country with Jamaican Drum in background)
      Oh, I like to get stoned…..Yeah, I like to smoke weed
      It’s a little thing…..That I like indeed
      Roll a big joint…..So fat and pretty
      Share it with my friends…..And some family
      Take a big puff…..Of the THC
      It enters my brain…..And makes me so happy
      It lets me forget…..What makes me angry
      It helps me to find…..Some tranquility
      It opens my eyes…..And I’m able to see
      How things are…..And possibilities
      It enables my…..Creativity
      And all it takes…..Is a little weed

      (Row, Row, Row Your Boat)
      Roll, roll, roll your joint
      Quickly as you can
      Light it up
      And take your puffs
      Then pass it to your friend! (2008)

      Anyway, I’m hoping you enjoy the thoughts, and may consider doing something with the song. All of us would get a kick out of hearing it, complete with instruments!

      Love listening to you,

  2. I was thrilled to see my comment about Willie on your website. I have tickets to see his concert in Springfield IL this summer. I sure hope I get to meet him again as he doesn’t come to St. Louis that often. If this reply makes it to Willie: I would love to get to see you again, I have an original piece of artwork I would love to have you sign. It is a very good sketch I purchased from artist Andrew Reed. Can’t wait to see you in Springfield. Your last concert was cancelled due to your fall, we were disappointed but we still had a good time in Springfield.
    We love you Willie!

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